Welcome Back to School

on August 2, 2012

Welcome Back to School (Round 1 is just for boys)!
We hope you had relaxing holidays and that your mind is fresh and ready to start the 2012-2013 school year because DinoDirect is ready for you! Over the summer, DinoDirect has worked hard to prepare many wonderful items for the new school year.

You can enjoy Extra 5% Off when your order is US$60 or more. Check out and take your order now!

P.S. DinoDirect kindly remind you:
1.Make sure to enjoy Extra 5% Off by applying Coupon Code: 60SAV3 when your order is US$60 or more;
2.The Extra 5% Off Coupon Code: 60SAV3 can only be applied to the order which includes at least one promotional products.

Here it is:




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